What jobs can you get with a biology degree? (top 7)

Getting into medical school is not always the direction biology degree holders follow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue other careers related to this degree. Having a Biology degree is technical yet practical and it opens up many opportunities in other fields. Curious about what career options are available for biology degree holders? Continue reading the list below.

What jobs can you get with a biology degree?

Here are the top 7 jobs you can get with a biology degree:

  • Biochemist (research)
  • Communications Specialist (communication)
  • Educator (education)
  • Health Services Manager (healthcare)
  • Medical Product Sales Representative (business)
  • Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant (healthcare)
  • Technician (technology)

What is a Biology degree?

Biology is one of the major branches of science, together with chemistry and physics, and it deals with the study of all forms, processes, and development of life. 

Also known as “natural science”, it has become a critical field of study in many areas of the economy including health, biotechnology, agriculture, and the preservation of natural resources and endangered species. 

A B.S. in Biology is a program that puts an emphasis on disciplines that connect with the management of natural resources and produces graduates with the information and abilities in life sciences that set them up for a life in natural sciences that can meet the needs and challenges in this present reality. 

The target of this program is to deliver comprehensive graduates by furnishing students with the foundation and establishment in science with a focus on fields such as sub-atomic science and biotechnology.

This program’s objective is to equip students with the information and holistic abilities in the accompanying expansive areas of science: natural science, parasitology, entomology, physiology, scientific classification, microbial science, genetics, and molecular biology; that set them up to add to food security, well-being, health and poverty eradication.

What is a Biochemist?

Studying biology outfits you with the laboratory and logical scientific thinking abilities as well as knowledge to plan and execute studies for growing new items. 

A Biochemist is a researcher who is prepared in organic chemistry. They concentrate on synthetic cycles and compound changes in living organisms. Biochemists assume a key part in the quickly developing areas of biotechnology and biomedical exploration. 

Although most positions in this field will require postgraduate education, your insight into life structures and physiology will help you as a biochemist to figure out the effect of medications and biotechnology arrangements on the human body. 

Also, writing and presentation skills developed as a biology major will significantly assist you with introducing recommendations and discoveries to partners and potential sources.

What is a Communications Specialist?

Dissimilar to many jobs on this list, communications specialists can begin their professions with simply a four-year certification and a biology major gives areas of strength and may leverage over others who lacks a foundation in hard science. 

This vocation requires strong writing and relational abilities, as specialized experts are liable for examining points connected with human well-being and infection with a wide crowd. 

Communications specialists are answerable for teaching networks about health concerns, especially general medical problems, including transmittable diseases, health management, and sound living. 

Frequently utilized by medical clinics or other medical organizations, communications specialists may likewise facilitate the establishment’s advertising efforts, promoting techniques, and local area inclusion.

What is an Educator?

Educators, specifically health educators need a strong comprehension of biological science as well as verbal relational abilities to pass on logical data in a language that their clients can without much of a stretch grasp. 

Although some employers might require the Certified Health Education Specialist qualification besides a four-year certification, having a biology major proves to be useful for this work. 

Health educators show individuals certain practices and ways of life that advance health. A health educator should have the knowledge to process complex data and decipher research about general well-being concerns. 

They utilize the logical strategy to evaluate the necessities of their constituents so they can plan significant projects. Lastly, health Educators expound on logical themes like nourishment, sex education, substance misuse, and stress decrease. In this manner, they need solid composed relational abilities.

What is a Health Services Manager?

Health Services Managers should have the option to decipher logical guidelines connected with clinical benefits and change programs likewise. Health Services Managers frequently recruit, manage, and assess wellbeing experts and analysts. 

They should have the skills to comprehend the subtleties of their qualifications and execution as they survey up-and-comers and representatives. Health Services Managers invest quite a bit of their energy collaborating with health service experts so they should have the ability to speak with them about logical strategies and methodology.

What is a Medical Product Sales Representative?

Medical product sales representatives need solid correspondence and relational abilities. A four-year certification is in many cases sufficient schooling to get everything rolling in this occupation. 

Medical product sales representatives have major areas of strength in chemistry, life systems, and physiology with the goal that they can make sense to the doctors and other specialists what another medication will mean for their patients. 

They need to have the mechanical information to make sense of how an item functions. They additionally need logical information to have the ability to make sense of how this item will help doctors and patients alike. 

Medical product sales representatives sell clinical supplies, IT products, medications, and more to emergency clinics, centers, and other clinical practitioners.

What is a Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant?

Biology gives a magnificent establishment to graduate work in these comparable callings since they likewise need a science major’s high-level information on the logical strategy to decipher arising research about different treatment choices and prescriptions. 

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are popular service providers. They should have an inclination for learning and recollecting logical and clinical phrasing. These vocations expect essentially a graduate degree. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants should have a sound comprehension of human natural frameworks, life structures, and physiology to analyze clinical issues.

What is a Technician?

Many new graduates who decide not to proceed to medical and graduate school or want to delay graduate review find themselves working with doctors at clinical schools, government offices, non-benefit research focuses, or drug and biotechnology firms as technicians. 

Otherwise called laboratory assistants, biological technicians utilize the lab abilities and methods that science majors learn in their labs, scholastic exploration, and cooperative examination with staff. Technicians should complete investigations that yield precise outcomes. 

They record results and perform estimations similarly as they have done while ordering reports as a biology major.


Biology is a central subject for vocations in the science and health areas yet there are numerous different courses you can take with this degree. Numerous biology graduates seek potential open doors outside the science, training, and health areas in enterprises like business, finance, communication, advertising, and technology. 

In addition to subject-centered information on natural frameworks and ideas, they foster a scope of functional and specialized abilities and figure out how to utilize expert strategies and specialized gear. They additionally foster more broad abilities, which are appealing to employers in all areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): what type of job can you get with a biology degree?

Can you be a doctor with a biology degree?

However long you complete the prerequisites for clinical school, which regularly incorporate science — including inorganic, natural, and natural chemistry — science, physical science, English, analytics, or potentially insights, you’ll commonly be set.

Is biology a hard major?

Biology is surely a hard major yet not exactly as troublesome as other STEM majors like physical science or chemistry. Most students find a biology major hard to seek after on the grounds that it has a broad schedule, loads of lab work, a few testing ideas, new jargon, and bunches of things to retain.

Does biology involve math?

Biology can include next to no math, or be a field of math itself, contingent upon your objectives and interests. Undergraduate science courses ordinarily don’t list math requirements straightforwardly. Graduate and expert work in science require progressed school-level numerical classes.


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