What can you do with a pre-med major if you don’t go to med school? (top 9)

If you are a pre-med student and you concluded that the white coat ceremony isn’t likely or certain to happen for you, or you decided that medicine is not the profession that you’re passionate about, or if you want to start a career right away, there are still a lot of invigorating and remunerating choices to weigh in that don’t include four additional tiring long stretches of scholastics. Vocation open for pre-med majors are bountiful, particularly for those able to finish training and extra accreditations. Continue reading to find out more.

What can you do with a pre-med major if you don’t go to med school? 

Here are the 9 careers for pre-med graduates:

  • Laboratory Research Technician
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Biomedical Equipment Technician
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Medical Device Sales Representative
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Public Health Specialist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Radiologic Technologist

What is a Pre-Med Degree?

Pre-medicine a program intended to cover all the science and research facility necessities required to proceed with training in medicine or medical care. 

Pre-med is definitely not a major itself yet rather a program that guarantees understudies take every one of the expected classes expected to apply for clinical school. 

It’s a general term to tell individuals you’re considering turning into a medical practitioner. It is a path of study that focuses on important skills that will prepare students for medical school.

The abilities you’ll require and acquire in your pre-medicine courses revolve around logical interaction. A great deal of it has to do with logical reasoning, mathematics, critical thinking, and obviously, memory abilities. 

Understudies often say that their pre-med signifies their vocation objectives and to ensure they’re taking the right classes to get into medical school. Essentially, assuming you’re applying to occupations or volunteer positions and express that you’re pre-med, individuals seeing applications will realize that you anticipate turning into a specialist.

They might be even bound to offer you a place that is connected with the clinical field. This path of learning is amazingly adaptable and can open ways to other practices in science, medical care, innovation, and many more.

Why Laboratory Research Technician might be for you?

The job of a laboratory research specialist may be for you on the off chance that profoundly specialized indicative and mechanical testing gets you motivated. You will be supposed to record your discoveries so that specialists and analysts can utilize the subsequent information to simply decide. 

Other tasks will be working in a logical or clinical lab, gathering tests and performing testing utilizing an assortment of complex strategies.

What does an Emergency Medical Technician do?

On the off chance that you’re not intending to happen to medical school yet saving lives is still on your plan, a vocation as an EMT is an extraordinary choice. EMT’s and specialists on call are crucial during a crisis. 

They perfom fundamental undertakings in saving lives from cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to wound tendings. Preparing endures from two to a half year and is presented through different specialized schools, colleges, emergency clinics, and junior colleges.

What are the tasks of a Biomedical Equipment Technician?

A biomedical equipment technician are the ones who examine, test, fix, and align clinical hardware for clinics and clinical offices. They assume a fundamental part in keeping clinical gear working appropriately. 

In the event that you like working with innovation and devices as opposed to in a public-confronting job, functioning as a biomedical equipment technician may be great.

What is inlolved in Pharmaceutical Sales Representative job?

A pharmaceutical sales representative will commonly answer to the executives through week by week gatherings, call logs, and examination and is supposed to meet shares and screen contest. 

This occupation involves a great deal of going to different areas, introducing deals introductions, and laying out new records. In the serious and fast paced deals field, agents are liable for persuading drug stores, specialist’s workplaces, facilities, and clinics to buy new or existing clinical medications.

What is expected from a Medical Device Sales Representative?

Medical device sales representative is a thrilling job that can compensate fairly and may include travel. You’ll give data about the elements and subtleties of new items and how they can help your clients. 

Your work will expect you to elevate different items to clinical centers, emergency clinics, nursing homes, and different offices determined to sell clinical hardware.

What is an Environmental Health Specialist?

As an environmental health specialist, you might wind up directing wellbeing reviews for the public authority or examinations inside a confidential area. A few specialists look for a decent job in an assortment of regions. 

As a wide discipline with numerous subspecialties, you might screen food producing, contamination, squander, or ecological fiascos either in a lab or in the field.

What comprises the work of a Public Health Specialist?

Public health specialists work comprises of social event information and forestalling contagiuos sicknesses as well as tracking down ways of conquering wellbeing inconsistencies while advancing solid ways of life among general society. They work on keeping networks sound through a mix of exploration, effort, and public support.

What is the job of a Forensic Scientist?

The essential job of forensic scientists is to assemble and examine crime location proof and present discoveries in view of what they have uncovered in their examination. 

Contingent on the area that is polished, you might be working at the location of a crime, in a lab, or both. Forensic science is an expansive field that might envelop different fortes.

What does Radiologic Technologist work on?

A radiologic technologist works with every patient to make sure that they are agreeable and all-around educated regarding their methodology. They utilize complex gear to make pictures of organs, tissues, veins, and bones. They could represent considerable authority in unambiguous regions like atomic medication, sonography, or mammography, and may try and proceed to help with directing radiation therapy to patients.

Why Medical Writing might be for you?

Medical writers are required across different fields of medicine. There is a consistent demand for talented writers for sites, online journals, clinical writing, research papers, documentation, and other composed work. 

Assuming that you have a propensity for composing or your main thing from school review was correspondence or English, a profession as a Medical writer is an interesting point.


There are numerous choices accessible to pre-med students who decide not to proceed to medical school. Your years of hard work in pre-med will never be considered a waste of time. 

However, comprehend that the examples given here are only a couple of the vocations that might get your advantage. Your program is a subject that converges with practically every field, whether it be business, regulation, instruction, deals, or innovation because it deals with health and well-being. 

There is not a great explanation to feel that the difficult work you have placed into getting your pre-med degree is lost. Even if you decide that medical school is not for you, you can still discover opportunities in many careers if you don’t limit yourself to what you can do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What are the careers for Pre-Med students who decide not to go to Med School?

Which medical career is the easiest?

Phlebotomy is the least demanding clinical field to get into and rehearse. Phlebotomists draw blood and transport it for lab testing. A piece of your preparation can come on the web, and with a sped-up program, you can be prepared for your state licensure test in less than a year.

What is type of doctor takes the least time to become?

A general practice doctor is most likely the least demanding specialist to turn into. Despite the fact that understudies should finish four years of clinical school and a couple of long stretches of residency, this is the base measure of training expected for clinical specialists.

Can pre-med be a major?

Students in the pre-med program can study anything subject they need and simply take the classes expected to apply to medical school since there are no official pre-med majors. There are different pre-med necessities expected to get into prescription school.


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