Does FutureLearn give certificates? (Find out here!)

In any professional field, learning is the most valuable thing that can be shared and acquired, so updating knowledge and skills is essential to progress professionally, being online education an important tool.

In this brief guide, we’re going to answer the question “Does FutureLearn give certificate?’’ advantages and disadvantages and if certificates are worth in college and job applications.

Does FutureLearn give certificates?

Yes, FutureLearn gives certificates. FutureLearn will send you a certificate in order to verify your good performance, as long as you meet the requirements. in your FutureLearn’s certificate will have a detailed transcript of what you have learned. This will also include how much time you spent studying the course and your average test score.

Once you finish your course in FutureLearn you must mark at least 90% of the steps in this course as complete. You can do this on your own. You decide when you’re done with a step and you can mark it as complete by clicking on the circle. Steps include text, videos, quizzes, and class discussions.

Nothing better than celebrating an achievement with a certificate and the best thing is that it can be personalized.

Your certificate will show your name, your course, the logo of the organization offering it, as well as the professional associations that endorse it and the signature of the lead educator. Flip over the printed Certificate and you’ll be greeted with an explosion of colors and celebratory patterns.

The certificate and transcript are important, as they’ll provide you with evidence to show during job or college applications. You won’t need to verify your identity to obtain your certificate.

As soon as you meet the requirements to obtain a certificate, you can view and share a digital version. However, depending on your location, you may also receive your printed certificate in about two to five weeks.

Your Digital certificate will be a permanent web page, with a unique address, so you can easily add it to your LinkedIn profile, CV, or resume and share it with friends or employers.

What’s FutureLearn?

FutureLearn it’s a digital education platform founded in December 2012 in the United Kingdom. FutureLearn is a private company jointly owned by The Open University and The SEEK Group. 

This digital platform is part of the MOOCs (Massive open online course) having free online courses given by the most prestigious universities and educational institutions in the world.

FutureLearn includes 83 UK and international partners and, unlike similar platforms, has university partners as Pompeu Fabra University, Spain, Queensland University of Technology.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, and non-university partners such as the British Museum, British Council, British Library, ESA, BMJ, and the National School of Film and Television.

Why should I use FutureLearn?

The Future Learn learning platform is one of the most useful out there. Its structure is designed so that students learn one step at a time and at their own pace.

FutureLearn offers a variety of courses, programs, and graduate degrees in various fields of study or categories.

By using this platform you’ll notice that it works as a social network. You can have direct contact with your teachers and classmates of all nationalities. And if you wish, you can dedicate between 10 to 30 minutes daily or weekly to classes, depending on your pace of life and availability.

Most Future Learn classes are taught in English. All accesses and classes are free, but if you wish, you can pay for a certificate.

On the other hand, they not only teach courses on Future Learn, but you can also enroll in programs that are like specializations after you have seen a set of courses on related topics.

And if that wasn’t enough, you also have the opportunity to obtain a graduate degree, which is added after you have accumulated a certain number of programs and fulfilled special assignments. It would be like doing university studies at a distance.

It could be of great help to you if you haven’t yet decided which college to choose or to improve knowledge.

What can I study in FutureLearn?

It has various courses, programs, and postgraduate degrees in different fields of study or categories:

These are the FutureLearn study’s fields that offer:

  • Business and administration.
  • Creative Arts and Media.
  • Health and Psychology.
  • History.
  • Language and Culture.
  • Laws.
  • Literature.
  • Nature and Environment.
  • Politics and the Modern World.
  • Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • Study techniques.
  • Education.
  • Technology and Coding.

Advantages of FutureLearn

Expert teachers

The professors in charge of teaching the FutureLearn courses are educators from the best universities and cultural institutions, who will share their experience through videos, articles, questionnaires, and discussions.

Unlimited access to the course

You can learn at your own pace with unlimited access to courses for as long as you’re on the FutureLearn platform.

Access the tests

You can test what you have learned by taking the tests offered by the platform. Make sure you have mastered the content before taking them.


In order to verify your good performance, FutureLearn will send you a ”Certificate of Achievement”, as long as you meet the requirements.


Futurelearn has courses that last from three to seven weeks on a variety of topics, so if you have a tight schedule, you might want to try one of these courses.

Free courses

Free online courses give us the possibility of accessing a large amount of knowledge that can make us true experts and that we learn skills in a very simple and didactic way.

Discussion forums

We currently live in the age of the Internet, and thanks to this advancement in technology FutureLearn allows us to connect with millions of people around the world, these discussion forums have the purpose of permitting us interacting by exchanging ideas, theories, and opinions with colleagues.

Improved learning experience

You’ve probably heard before that studying is the best way to train as a professional and achieve success in the world of work. 

But when you’ve studied and found a good position, what’s next? Well, as the world is constantly evolving, we have to do it with it and the best way for you to reinforce your professional knowledge is by continuing your training and an alternative for this is undoubtedly free online courses.

Credentials of the main institutions of higher education

FutureLearn is associated with a variety of institutions and universities, so the courses they take can serve as credits toward applying to college.

Disadvantages of FutureLearning


You need a lot of discipline to dedicate the necessary time to the course each week. The amount of content that you’re expected to acquire is quite high, and if you are delayed a week, catching up will be increasingly difficult.

Irrelevant content in discussion forums

Everybody knows forums can be quite chaotic spaces, and students can be faced with unimaginable amounts of irrelevant content, which are difficult to manage effectively.

Paid certificates

Although there are many free courses within the platform, you’ll have to pay if you want certificates.

High dropout rate

The main problem with FutureLearn courses is the high dropout rate. According to a recent study conducted among millions of platform users, only 4% of students enrolled in a MOOC complete them. While 50% only take one lesson. 

This is because it isn’t a normal course, so each one takes the rhythm of their learning, which can cause that if they aren’t motivated enough they end up abandoning.

Are FutureLearn courses good?

Today, there are various platforms for you to study online and learn new skills. And one of these platforms is FutureLearn, which even offers several free college courses.

FutureLearn courses are provided as comprehensive learning experiences consisting of lectures, quizzes to assess your learning, assignments, etc. Official tests or exams are only available to students paying for certification.

There are discussion forums that work with the learning of the course so that students can interact with tutors and other students to further enhance their learning.

Future Learn offers a wide selection of courses, and many of these courses have free access for a limited time. If you want unlimited access or access to tests and exams and get a course certificate, you have to pay. FutureLearn also offers courses in academic programs, which are made up of groups of courses in a specific area.

So, since there is a wide variety of courses to choose from on the platform, you can choose if you want to pay for the course certificates, and depending on how you study and adding to the fact that the short courses are free, it’s definitely worth it. You must absolutely try FutureLearn courses.

Are FutureLearn certificates worth it?

Before explaining if certificates in FutureLearn are useful or not, we would like to briefly explain what a certificate is.

Certificates are documents used by institutions to verify or verify a certain fact, for example, there are learning facts (Learning Certificate), facts of an audit (Audit certificate), facts of labor service (Labor Certificate), etc.

Now, an online or digital certificate is a document used by institutions that provide services online or virtual to evidence the events that occurred in this modality. To cite a couple of examples; If you work online you’ll receive an online certificate of your work experience, if you study online at an institution you’ll receive an online study certificate.

Certificates in FutureLearn are valid at any British and partner universities and institutions. These certificates are much more practical than the physical ones because they’ve better forms of verification, the most modern ones can be verified through the Internet or by phone call, either digitally or in print.

FutureLearn certificates are very good and one of the most demanded today because they are easy to verify and allow evidence of what happened in the event.

However, before starting an online course, you need to evaluate the quality of the content to study and do your best to obtain an online certificate that allows you to open new job opportunities.

FAQSs: Does FutureLearn give certificates?

Does FutureLearn give a free certificate?

Although all courses on FutureLearn are free, to get a certificate, you’ll normally need to pay for it.

How do FutureLearn courses work?

The courses are accessible from the computer, tablet, or mobile, and are based on articles, discussions, questionnaires, audios, videos, etc. With the payment option, you can take exams and tests to obtain certificates and enjoy unlimited access.

Are FutureLearn certificates Recognised?

All FutureLearn certificates are fully accredited and recognized by organizations recognized for their authenticity. However, not all FutureLearn certificates are equal in terms of recognition. Some certificates are considered more reliable than others.

Does FutureLearn have an app?

At the moment, there doesn’t exist a mobile app for FutureLearn, but the FutureLearn website is designed to be mobile-friendly.

Where is FutureLearn based?

FutureLearn is an online education provider based in Camden, London, United Kingdom.

In this brief guide, we answered the question “Does FutureLearn give certificate?’’ advantages and disadvantagse and if certificates worth in college and job applications

So, do you dare to try?

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