Are edX certificates worth it? (Find out here!)

In this brief guide we are going to answer the question “Are edX courses worth it?’’  and its impact on education and learning across the world.

Are edX certificates worth it?

Yes, edX certificates are worth it, edX is one of the leading websites for online university courses. Students across the world share their certificates of edX on curriculum, for a job or school applications, and on profiles like LinkedIn.

EdX is an online course platform, founded in 2011. Since 2012 edX is an open program for all types of students who want to learn or improve their knowledge in any education branch they want at no cost. 

EdX has over 33 universities associated in more than 16 countries. Offering a wide variety of online courses in different branches such as Health & Safety, Economics & Finance, Law, Math, Philosophy & Ethics, Energy & Earth Sciences.

Currently, more than 10 million users take courses in edX. The impact of edX was to provide access to high-quality education everywhere around the world and in less training time than in traditional universities. Breaking down any geographical, language, and high costs barrier.

However, there are also companies that are unaware of the world of online education for that maybe not they may take into account the Certificates of edX or any other MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

Does edX offer free courses?

Yes, edX offers free courses in a variety of subjects, however, the certificates are only awarded to students in the ‘’verified mode’’ who achieve the minimum passing grade in their course.

What type of certificates offer edX?

edX offers just two types of certificates: Verified Certificates and Program Certificates.

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Verified Certificates

Verified Certificates is a paid certificate. The cost will depend on the realized course that has been taken, however, the costs generally range between $15 and $30

A verified certificate consists of proof that the student completed the course.

It is called verified certificates because it will be verified with the student’s identity using their photo and ID.

Program Certificates

Program Certificates are a series of career-oriented courses that teach essential skills in the selected career field.

What kind of courses offer edX?

The courses at edX are focused on a wide variety of disciplines, these subjects include: 

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Why should I take a course in edX?

  • Improve knowledge: Dedicating part of your time to online courses is synonymous with nurturing our training. Therefore, any student will be able to acquire a multitude of knowledge adjusted to their sector and needs that allow them to be active in the labor field in a competent manner.
  • Freedom of choice: edX has approximately 1,500 courses, allowing you to choose the course you want regardless of where you are. Without limits of distance or geography. You can study what you want, anywhere you are and at the time you want.
  • Flexibility: The online courses at edX offer flexibility, so you can fulfill your other occupations and responsibilities, without neglecting continuing education.
  • Curriculum: Online courses in edX are a perfect complement to the curriculum. They are, in short, a way to improve your professional profile.
  • Own rhythm: Online courses allow you to study at your own pace, without pressure, calmly to understand all the concepts at your own pace.
  • Schedules: Online courses allow you to study according to your availability without neglecting your other occupations or educational plans.
  • Cheap: edX offers a large number of free courses, however, some courses can be paid but remain less expensive than face-to-face courses and universities.
  • Transportation costs: Students who choose online education don’t have to waste hours and hours of travel and money on transportation to take their courses.
  • Effectiveness: Online education is effective. A study conducted by the United States Department of Education found that online students outperform similar students who took face-to-face courses.

Different languages in edx

edX always thinking of all its students around the world added to its platform the option to watch their courses in different languages.

The available languages at moment are:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese- Mandarin 
  • Chinese – Simplified
  • Chinese – Traditional
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Tibetan
  • Turkish
  • Urdu
  • Vietnamese

How can I get an account in edX?

Creating an account in edX is pretty simple. There are two forms to create one account in edX.

Associate your edX account with your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account. If you don’t create an account associating with another pre-existent account (Facebook, Google, and Microsoft) you will have to fill out a series of questions, those questions include full name, public name, email, password, and country of residence.

After that, you will have to activate your account through an email that will be sent to the email you used, and that’s all, you’re ready to enjoy edX courses!

Is edX one of the best platforms for MOOC?

Yes, edX is one of the best platforms for MOOC. Actually, in 2020 the best MOOC platforms include:

  1. Coursera
  2. edX
  3. Udacity 
  4. Udemy
  5. Linkedin Learning 
  6. SkillShare
  7. Data Camp 
  8. Bit Degree 
  9. Khan Academy
  10. Codecademy

Coursera or edX: Which MOOC platform is better? 

Both MOOC platforms are part of the best online platforms for learners in the world. Quality online education available to everyone: this is the slogan that EDX and Coursera have proposed:  leaders in the virtual education sector. It is for this reason that both platforms are through a competition for the public’s preference.

Academic Offer

Coursera was developed in 2012 by academics from Stanford University, Coursera has more than 2,500 virtual courses in very diverse categories: arts & humanities, business, computer science, data science, mathematics & logic, personal development, social sciences, languages, physics, science, engineering, and much more.

Also, Coursera has more than 180 specializations with an estimated duration of 3 to 6 months, 160 university partners, and the great novelty of the year, 4 master’s degrees with official accreditation for postgraduate students.

Coursera has done its job well: 25 million students enrolled worldwide confirm its great popularity in the market. But is it enough? On the other hand, edX was founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

The EDX platform has surpassed 1,800 virtual courses in highly reinforced categories: Business Administration, Health and Nutrition, Languages, Architecture, Electronics, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Medicine, Music, among others.

While there are no virtual master’s degrees at EDX, it has 109 specialized programs lasting 3-6 months, 111 university partners, and 12 million students enrolled to date.


EDX: Has a plus point, and a very big one on the registration. The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the Harvard course platforms have a “simpler” enrollment process. We just need a couple of minutes and we are already in the course that interests us.

Coursera: Has done interesting experiments in 2017, the 7-day free trial period, and the possibility of subscribing monthly with an access fee. The decision to bring these business models generated a lot of confusion among the public, spreading the rumor that “Coursera courses are no longer free”.

And that’s not true. There are more than 2,500 courses available on Coursera that are free to access, however, the registration process and the incorporation of this format force us to pay attention to the small letters to audit for free.


Price is a very important aspect when choosing a MOOC

edX: Has accredited courses range from $ 25 to $ 99. If you acquire a complete specialization (composed of 6 to 8 courses), they can obtain interesting discounts.

Coursera: By adopting a new business model, Coursera allows us to subscribe monthly and take the courses we can within this period. 

Nevertheless, accreditations for individual courses on Coursera range from $ 29 to $ 79.After reading this, what is the best platform? You are the judge!

So, are edX certificates worth it in the work and school area?

The answer is yes. Although many people think that distance courses are less valued than face-to-face courses, nevertheless you should know that everything depends on the type of course chosen, the platforms, and their instructors. 

When somebody is looking for a job, training plays a fundamental role. And, luckily, we currently have many more opportunities and alternatives to learn.

On the Internet, there are numerous free online courses with which we can train from home and even obtain an official certificate.

Online courses have greater weight when they are related to the studies that the person has already done and the job for which they want to apply. 

Companies don’t want among their ranks employees who are accommodated but employees that are capable of continuing to grow and be up to date in their sector to be more efficient in the performance of their functions.

Currently, the labor market is more competitive than ever, so working every day to improve our professional skills is already an obligation. Betting on specialized training is one of the most effective ways to stand out inside the labor market.

FAQs: Are edX certificates worth it?

Can you get credit for edX courses?

Yes, edX partners with a variety of non-profit institutions to offer courses in which students can opt for credit. The programs that allow you to obtain credit are MicroMasters Programs, MicroBachelors Programs, Global Freshman Academy, and Charter Oak State College

What is an edX account?

An account in edX permits you to enjoy online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines. Most of the edX courses are free and with the option of a certificate with a cost that varies according to the chosen course.

Is edX a good website?

According to comments in TrustPilot (a consumer review website), edX has a 4.5 and 5-star rating, evidencing that the edX platform has a high-quality education. However, negative comments are pointing out that edX is not pretty much user-friendly.

How safe is edX?

edX is a security and privacy platform. Personal information provided by students to acquire the validation of their certificate (image and ID) is always transmitted and stored in an encrypted format.

Is edX good for college?

Yes, the edX platform offers a large number of courses in different subjects that will allow the student to improve their knowledge.

In this brief guide we answered the question ‘’Are edX certificates worth it?’’ and its impact on education and learning across the world.

If you have any questions or comments let us know.


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